Nic’s coaching is very dynamic and experiential. Starting with the first session, where we established a Coaching Contract, Nic holds me accountable for my actions. In just a few sessions, he has coached me to be more relaxed and less “busy”. I’ve also been able to achieve more trust in my working relationships.Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with Nic. I truly see him as someone who is an exceptional coach.
— Zanoon Nissar, Manager Social Responsibility, Google

Nic tells it as it is. Often by not telling you, but by making you think and feel. He’s the guy you want at your dinner party, or hosting the party; on your team, or leading your team; as a friend or as a colleague... or indeed as a trusted mentor, coach or advisor. Nic will make an impact on you whether you interact professionally or socially.

He’s one of the smartest guys I know, and on a broad range of topics. Learning constantly about life through his own personal and work experiences, extensive reading, listening and sharing. And when he doesn’t know, or is challenged on a topic or fact, he can’t wait to explore further and share his findings.

Nic is also the most balanced guy I know. Creative and Operational. Spiritual and Physical. Theoretical and Realistic. And it just seems effortless for him to move seamlessly between each domain and naturally tailor his interaction with you.

Most of all, Nic is a friend and mentor - someone I can open up to. In every conversation I learn something about myself. I’m challenged to think. His natural ability to meaningfully engage will make you a better person no matter what your goals.
— Peter McNally, Chief Advisor, IndiGo

Nic has the qualities and integrity you want in a coach who is going to help you dig into your personal goals. He is compassionately unflinching in his approach and delves deeply into what drives your individual nature - the entire experience felt tailored to appreciate and recognize me as a person. This was essential for me to drop my guard and allow change to happen. I highly recommend Nic to those wishing to work with an intelligent, intuitive, and skilled coach who will take your expectations and achievements to the next level.
— Jonathan Gwaizda, Director Programmatic Products, Viant

Nic has been a powerful and stabilizing force for me as I navigate through the course of personal and professional growth. Our discussions, and his subsequent coaching, has helped to zero in on my priorities, organize their importance, and increase my capacity to create the life I want to lead.
— Eron Zehavi, Chief Rewards Officer, Swagbucks

Words cannot begin to do justice to articulate how grateful I am for Nic’s participation in Google’s Leadership Coaching program. My engagement with Nic as my coach has been nothing short of amazing. I have learned so much about myself and learned about tools, frameworks, and approaches to being a successful leader. Nic’s honest coaching has been a truly transformative experience in my Google career. Nic is not only always prepared for our meetings, but leaves me with career-changing and thought provoking action items which have helped improve my self awareness and comfort with “leading from behind.” I am so impressed by Nic am so incredibly grateful for his time, energy and mentoring. I would strongly encourage any professional to use Nic’s coaching approach as the growth you will experience will be significant.
— Matt Jones, Principal Account Manager, Google

I come out of each session with Nic feeling amazingly energized and motivated. Nic’s technique blends theory, research, role-playing and practical assignments that keep me focused on my areas of growth also outside our sessions. He is a great listener and is also extremely articulate. My self-awareness has increased immensely. Thank you Nic for your valued contribution to coaching at Google.
— Esra Guler, Head of Engagement Marketing – Google Express, Google

Nic Maisano is smarter than you are. Almost always. But that is not what makes him unique. He is curious and an explorer. He is heartful and cares deeply. He is mindful and connected to himself in an integrated way. He is powerful and playful. He is a leader who can follow, as well. He brings all of these qualities and more to his work with clients. I have received excellent coaching from him. He listens in a profound way, processing on multiple levels. He brings his entire intellect to bear on whatever your challenge happens to be. And if he doesn’t know what direction to take, he will laugh and say, “I don’t know, let’s find out!” I am proud to call Nic a colleague and my friend. If you get the opportunity for a conversation with him, bring your big guns. He only knows how to hunt elephants. Feel free to contact me with any questions about Nic.
— Hans Phillips, Performance Consultant, Ontoco